Our School

With almost 750 teens and preteens, our hallways are always abuzz with chatter and laughter. Responsibility, STEM education, and enthusiasm are some of the best words you could use to describe AMS. We’re glad you’re here!

Our Vision

Adobe Middle School’s educational vision is to maximize student learning. To achieve this vision, students, parents, teachers, and administrators must commit to the following primary concepts:

A Selective Curriculum

  • The selection of enduring state benchmark standards is the primary focus of our lessons.
  • We pursue the goal that all students will master the selected state standards at an achievement level of 80% or better.

Routine Common Summative Assessments

  • We collaboratively wrote and developed common assessments to test students’ proficiency on enduring state benchmark standards selected each quarter.

Assessment Driven Lessons

  • We have developed lessons designed to prepare students for the common assessments that meet the enduring state benchmark standards each quarter.

Formative Assessment

  • We work to engage students in several formative assessments during each quarter.
  • We analyze results from these formative assessments to identify the mastery and non-mastery of selected enduring state standards. We make lesson content adjustments accordingly.

Data-Driven Instruction

  • We make timely adjustments of lesson content to focus on enduring state benchmark standards not mastered, based on the students’ achievement results from formative assessments and summative common assessments.