Student Handbook

Rules and Guidelines



These guidelines were developed through the cooperative efforts of the staff, students, parents and administration to ensure the smooth operation of Adobe Middle School. It is intended that these guidelines will help in understanding the rights and responsibilities associated with attending Adobe Middle School.

Every student has the right and opportunity to learn in an environment which is safe, free of drugs, clean, peaceful, and well organized. Students must also recognize that they have a responsibility to ensure that their actions do not deprive others of the same opportunity.

It should be understood that this is not a limiting document; not all possible violations have been identified, and not all possible consequences have been listed. In accordance with state law and school district policy, discipline is to be progressive; however, it should be understood that the severity of the circumstances surrounding an infraction may justify different consequences than those listed here.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all rules defined below shall apply to students on school property and at school activities including, but not limited to, field trips, dances, conferences, athletic events, all transportation to and from school, and school-sponsored activities.