Students who participate in AMS Hawk athletics learn fundamental skills, develop sportsmanship, and receive awards  for good citizenship. We have a great time together, and we encourage all of our students to participate.

Intramural Sport Seasons

The number of teams Adobe will offer each semester depends on student participation from not only our own school but District wide as well. Generally, however, we offer the following:

Early Fall (August-October)





All Meets at Spring Creek High School

Winter (November-December)




12/9/23- Gold & Silver Tournaments

Games at Adobe Middle School, Sage Elementary and Spring Creek Middle School

Early Spring (February-March)

Sign-ups (via Google Classroom) - Week of February 5-8

First Practice - Week of February 12-15

Meet 1 – 3/1/24 @ Spring Creek Middle School

Meet 2 – 3/9/24 @ Spring Creek Middle School

Meet 3 – 3/16/24 @ Adobe Middle School ***Special Start Time 1 pm

Meet 4 -- 3/23/24 @ Adobe Middle School

All meets will begin at Noon (with the exception of 3/16 - 1 pm)


Sign-ups (via Google Classroom) - Week of February 5-8

Try-outs (If needed) - Week of 12-15

First Practice - Week of February 20-23



3/16/24 ***Special Start Time 8 am


All games begin at 9 am (with the exception of 3/16 - 8 am), hosted by Adobe & Spring Creek Middle School

Late Spring (April-May)
Soccer (this will be a pilot program offered only at select schools including Adobe)

General Athletic Guidelines

Adobe adheres to all ECSD policies for extracurricular activities but the following are a few that many parents/students should place emphasis.

Student-athletes must maintain academic standards to participate in intramural sports. Adobe follows a no F policy where student-athletes must have a D or higher posted in every class within Infinite Campus during each sports season.

Any disciplinary action received by the student-athlete may result but not limited to: removal from starting lineup, missing of practices or games, and removal from team. All consequences are subject to each coach's discretion and approved by administration and not subject to change after being handed out.

Playing time is not guaranteed to every player and subject to each coach's discretion. Playing time will only be a coach and player discussion.

All student-athletes playing away games must ride the bus to be eligible for participation (No exceptions).

Student-athletes may ride home after the game with a parent or legal guardian as long as they give the coach a signed parental permission form.

Game Schedules

Student-Athlete & Parent Info


There is a $25 fee to participate in all athletic activities. We require payment before students can participate; however, if you are unable to provide the fee, please talk to the coach or someone in the administration office for help. There may also be additional fees for specific sports such as cheerleading. Coaches will provide such information when available.