CIS Academy

Adobe Middle School’s Community in Schools (CIS) Academy is an in-school youth development program that utilizes youth-centric, case-management teams. These teams connect struggling students with the community to provide them with the strategies, career exploration, life skills training, and wrap-around support services students require to be successful.

Skills Training

We integrate CIS Academy students into the general school population. These students participate in sessions of Charting for Success training from CIS staff. Sessions include lessons on life skills, critical thinking, study skills, and goal setting.

Community Service

Youth also participate in community service opportunities as a way to learn to serve others. These events help students develop into effective role models.

Case Management

In addition to providing CIS Academy students with a marketable skill upon graduation, CIS youth receive individual case management. Students work with their case managers to develop, monitor, and evaluate goal progress. Case managers also ensure students receive wrap-around services as indicated, including tutoring.

Program Model

Academic Development

  • Credit redemption

  • SBAC exam preparation

  • Academic monitoring and tutoring

Life Skills and Career Interest Training

  • Self-concept

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Job interests/exploration

Individual Case Management

  • Develop individualized student goals to increase academic performance.

  • Create individualized student case plans to address student goals.

  • Routinely monitor and evaluate individual student goals and case plan progress.