Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose Adobe Middle School? Well, besides our amazing mountain views—the best in the district, in fact—we know you’ll be pleased with the educational experiences you find here. Please allow us to share some of the reasons why our school is the best choice for the future.

Dedicated to Every Student’s Success

We care about each student, and we are dedicated to providing an education that allows all of our students to succeed. Our highly qualified teachers work with students in a small class setting that allows them to personalize their teaching strategies. We also offer a full range of support services and programs that enhance student learning.

Opportunities for Learning

We proudly offer a challenging academic curriculum with our basic and accelerated courses which are supplemented with a variety of extracurricular programs and services that enhance the student learning experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in activities such as athletics and fine arts (including art, band, music, and chorus).

Accelerated Courses

Adobe Middle School will offer accelerated classes in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. These courses will be grade level content at an accelerated pace and include more rigorous work to include assignments and projects that may require more time at home to complete. Students must have a passing grade to participate in the class or they will be moved out of the accelerated classes into the general 7th and 8th grade classes. Any student with a C or D in their accelerated class may go on a probationary period before a decision is made on if they should continue or be moved.

STEM Courses

We’re all about 21st-century learning. With an abundance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, our elective offerings are among the best in the state.

The following are some of the courses AMS students enjoy:

  • Design & Modeling

  • Medical Detectives

  • Building Engineers I & II (formerly known as Automation & Robotics)

  • Flight & Space

  • Green Architecture

  • Everyday Heroes

Performing Arts

Many of our students are actively involved in our theater, band, chorus, and orchestra classes. With our professional instructors and regular performances, all AMS students gain an appreciation for the performing arts, and many fall in love with them. We hope you’ll become a part of the amazing opportunities at Adobe.


This course is designed to equip every child with the knowledge and tools they need for success in academics and life. Every student wants to be successful, but somewhere along the way, many find themselves disconnected from their learning. Wayfinder addresses this lack of connection and the many challenges such as poor academic achievement, mental health and wellness, and the lack of preparedness for the demands in and out of the classroom.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing courses offer students the opportunity to develop and improve their technique and individual style in poetry, short story, drama, essays, and other forms of prose. The emphasis of the courses is on writing; however, students may study exemplary representations and authors to obtain a fuller appreciation of the form and craft. Although most creative writing classes cover several expressive forms, others concentrate exclusively on one particular form (such as poetry or playwriting).


Journalism emphasizes writing style and technique as well as production values and organization. Journalism courses introduce students to the concepts of newsworthiness and press responsibility; develop students’ skills in writing and editing stories, headlines, and captions; and teach students the principles of production design, layout, and printing. Photography, photojournalism, and digital technology skills may be included.

Teening to Adulting (formerly Family & Consumer Science/Home Ec.)

This one-semester course introduces middle school students to the world of education, hospitality, and human services. Areas of study include the exploration of foods and wellness, family dynamics, design in clothing and housing, education and care of children, and leadership development through projects and hands-on learning. Career exploration and an introduction to career and technical education programs of study are integral to the course. This course is also known as Family Consumer Science and Home Ec.