What is Star Academy?

Star Academy is a proven “school-within-a-school” program. It uses a hands-on, project-based, STEM-inspired model to re-engage learners, advancing them up to two grade levels in a single year. The core curriculum aligns with local, district and state standards. Star Academy also exposes students to employment possibilities, relating their learning to potential careers so they understand its relevance to their success in life.

Re-Engaging Disengaged Students with Project-Based Learning

Over 15 years, Star Academy has proven itself a leader in re-engaging students.


Captivate. Motivate. Accelerate.

A comprehensive program for re-engaging and advancing students.

Comprehensive Career Exposure

Star Academy students explore over 50 career paths as they work through focused modules that align with their academic and job skill objectives. They’re exposed to nearly 100 more in the course of their active, hands-on lessons.

An All-Inclusive, STEM-Driven “School-Within-a-School”

The Star Academy program approaches student development in a holistic way. While rapidly advancing students academically, the program also imparts social skills such as responsibility, respect, collaboration, and timeliness – setting them up for a lifetime of success in school, the workforce, and as citizens of their communities.

NOLA Education acts as a true partner to its operating school districts rather than simply implementing the program and walking away. The NOLA team guides schools in the process and provides comprehensive professional development, training, and year-round support.

Finally, Star Academy is all-inclusive, providing materials, technology, furnishings, and ongoing support. Schools supply only the educators and classrooms.


Adobe Star Academy Daily Schedule 

1st  period   7:40 - 8:39  

2nd period   8:44 - 10:14

Health Break (6 minutes ) 

3rd period   10:20 - 11:50

8th Grade Lunch          11:50-12:20 (30 Minutes)

4th period    12:20 - 1:50

5th period      1:55 - 3:25